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New Translated Glossaries

Jan 14, 2015 Comments Off on New Translated Glossaries by

The glossary of the Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation has been translated into the following languages: English Chinese French Italian Japanese Portuguese Spanish Thai Russian Arabic The newest addition to the BoKIR glossary is: Bulgarian. We, the authors of this web site, are certain the translations of the BoKIR glossary into these languages strengthen […]

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Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Eight FAQs

May 04, 2013 Comments Off on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Eight FAQs by

The BoKIR has added material on the involvement and mandate of the energy regulator with regards to rules affecting Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE). The renewable technologies include solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydropower. The RE policies include Feed-in Tariffs, Net Metering, Renewable Portfolio Standards, Auctions, Power purchase agreements, direct investment support, and […]

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Leadership in Regulation

Mar 25, 2013 Comments Off on Leadership in Regulation by

Utility regulators serve in two potentially conflicting roles: An implementer of policies established by others and someone providing leadership to effect change, sometimes to the very laws that give the regulator his or her authority. The regulator’s success will depend upon his or her ability to properly perform these roles at the appropriate times, to […]

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Arabic Glossary

Apr 03, 2012 Comments Off on Arabic Glossary by

The Arabic Glossary of the Body of Knowledge on Infrastructure Regulation (BoKIR) glossary is a recent translation sponsored by the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority (ECRA) of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is through ECRA’s generous support that this work was made possible. We, the authors of this web site, are certain the translation […]

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Regulation of State-Owned Enterprises

Apr 02, 2012 Comments Off on Regulation of State-Owned Enterprises

Regulating State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) raises a unique set of issues for a infrastructure regulator:  a state organization (which is often relatively new) is attempting to regulate another (very established) state organization that has strong links to politically powerful stakeholders. There is no simple recipe for regulators: the laws, traditions, and historical performance by the SOE […]

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Apr 01, 2012 Comments Off on Transportation

Transportation content was the first major addition to the site since launching the BoKIR. The national case studies and other resources related to rail, bus, and intra-urban transport are diverse, since approaches to transportation regulation differ widely across countries. The expansion of the infrastructure sectors covered in the narrative was necessitated by a growing recognition […]

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