Annotated Reading List for Price Level Regulation

Primer on Primary Drivers of Electricity Tariffs for Utility Regulators

The latest addition to the Toolkit, the "Primer on Primary Drivers of Electricity Tariffs for Utility Regulators," is meant to help utility regulators around the world understand the primary drivers o. [ Read more ... ]


Alternative Forms of Regulation: Cost of Service, Price Cap, Revenue Cap, Benchmarking, Hybrid Approaches Core References Understanding Regulation: Theory, Strategy, and Practice New York: Oxford U. [ Read more ... ]

Price Regulation

Choice of Price Escalation Indices Core References How to Determine the X in RPI - X Regulation: A User's Guide Telecommunications Policy 24(1): February 2000, pp. 63-68. Bernstein, Jeffrey I., an. [ Read more ... ]

Revenue Caps

Core References Risk, Volatility and Smoothing: Regulatory Options for Controlling Prices 1999. Alexander, Ian and Chris Shugart Examines price caps, revenue caps, and hybrids. Considers advantage. [ Read more ... ]

Principles of Using Efficiency Measures for Yardstick Regulation

Performance measures for benchmarking, including efficiency, theft, and loss Techniques for measuring efficiency and their properties, including frontier analysis, regression analysis, and virtua. [ Read more ... ]

Earnings and Revenue Sharing Techniques

Core References Resetting Price Controls for Privatized Utilities: A Manual for Regulators Washington, D.C.: World Bank, 1999, Chapters 2 and 4. Green, Richard, and Martin Rodriguez Pardina Summar. [ Read more ... ]