This document consists of an Annotated Reading List (ARL) of the BoKIR and narratives that identify key topics and themes. The BoKIR literature includes decisions and publications by regulatory agencies and other governmental bodies; policy advisories by think tanks, consultants, donor agencies, and others; and research by academics, consultants, and other experts. The materials selected are those that senior agency staff, senior operator staff, and their subject matter peers should find most useful, but others will find many of the references useful as well. The authors have sought to select materials that would be assessable for generalists with a working knowledge of economics, finance, accounting, and law, although most of the BoKIR focuses on economic issues.

Following this introduction is a note on references, which includes a list of references that are cited numerous times, a list of useful references that can be hard to obtain and so are not cited in the ARL, and a list of useful, technical economic texts. Following that note is the ARL reference list itself with narratives. The ARL is organized into chapters to provide structure to the topics and subtopics. For each topic or subtopic, the ARL includes some combination of core references, sectoral references, and other references that may be of interest. Core references represent broad, cross-sectoral knowledge. Sectoral references are intended for sector specialists. Other references are documents that may be interesting to those who wish to develop in depth expertise on specific topics.