Length and Relative Importance of Chapters

The chapters in this document have different lengths, but these lengths are not intended to imply relative importance. Chapter length is affected by numerous factors, including our ability to find materials that provide comprehensive coverage, the number of topics and subtopics associated with a chapter, and the richness and deficiencies of the existing literature. For example, Chapter III on Financial Analysis is highly important, but it has fewer references than some other chapters because the materials identified on this topic were generally more comprehensive than materials on other topics. Also, even though there are examples and cases where regulators have successfully regulated state-owned enterprises and where countries have overcome poor governance to establish independent regulatory agencies, there is little literature on frameworks for doing so. References in these areas should be added to the ARL as the literature develops. Furthermore, the ARL references only documents written in English. The reason for this is the preponderance of research and studies of regulation have been done on English-speaking countries or at least countries where English is commonly spoken. This should also change over time.