Annotated Reading List for Annotated Reading List

Fragile State Institutional Design

Delivering Water Supply and Sanitation in Fragile States: The transition from emergency to development Conference Report, The World Bank, 2011. Captures main points and messages from a conference . [ Read more ... ]


Water Issues in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: Challenges and Opportunities Technical Report, United Nations Environment Program, 2011. Case study covers topics such as overview of water re. [ Read more ... ]


Making Public Sector Reforms Work: Political and Economic Contexts, Incentives, and Strategies Policy Research Working Paper 6174, Public Sector Governance Unit, The World Bank, 2012. Bunse, Simone . [ Read more ... ]

Quality, Social and Environment

Governance Reform under Real-World Conditions: Citizens, Stakeholders, and Voice The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, The World Bank, 2008. Odugmebi, Sina and Thomas Jacobson. . [ Read more ... ]